Tell us about you!

Tell us about you! We are always looking for talented people to join our group. Just send us your CV, tell us a little bit about your past research and why you’d like to come to work with us. We really want to hear from you! We’re also very keen to host people with fellowship funding for projects that fit within the research interests of the group.

Postdoctoral fellow (Statistical Genetics)


PhD in a relevant quantitative subject (e.g. Genetics/Genomics, Statistics, Computational Biology).

Proficient programmer (e.g. Perl, Python, R) and user of cluster computing.

Demonstrable statistical skills with experience of analysing large-scale genetic/genomic data (e.g. 100s/1000s of individuals with sequencing/GWAS data).

Motivation and ambition to make a personal contribution to genomic research.

A passion for problem solving and creative thinking.

A paper-oriented approach to scientific research.

Clear communicator with experience of writing scientific manuscripts.

An independent working style with high self-motivation.

Ability to work with others in a friendly and collegiate environment

Our group has a long-standing interest in the genetics of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). IBD is a chronic, debilitating disorder of the gastrointestinal tract that affects around 0.5% of the population, with a typical onset in early adulthood. Many IBD patients ultimately require major abdominal surgery, resulting in lifelong disability, because an appropriate drug either does not exist or is not administered soon enough. Total healthcare costs in the UK are estimated to be over £1 billion per year. IBD pathogenesis is poorly understood but is likely driven by a dysregulated immune response to commensal gut microorganisms in genetically susceptible individuals. IBD is highly heritable and our group has played a leading role in the identification of 240 regions of the genome associated with disease susceptibility.We are looking to appoint a statistical or computational postdoctoral fellow with an interest in complex disease genetics to take the lead on one of our large-scale sequencing based studies. As part of the UK IBD Genetics Consortium we are currently whole-genome sequencing over 15,000 IBD cases and 20,000 population controls at >15X coverage. This will enable us, for the first time, to powerfully test the entire allelic spectrum for association to IBD. Data from this project will be combined with that from multi-omic studies of disease-relevant cell types to identify new therapeutic targets for IBD.The fellow will join a multi-disciplinary team of statisticians, geneticists, immunologists, computer scientists and clinicians who work together to understand the genetics and genomics of immune-mediated disease. The fellow will help shape the future direction of the research group and have the opportunity to develop their own research projects within the scope of the group’s interests.