Tong Deng (China)

I lived in Beijing, China for almost eighteen years before moving to Cambridge to do my undergraduate studies in Natural Sciences (Pathology) in 2018. During the three years of study and research at the University of Cambridge, I developed my interest in mucosal immunology, genetics, and disease mechanisms. The work of the Anderson lab intrigued me greatly during my literature reading on an ordinary summer day in June 2020. After graduation, I joined the Anderson Group as a research assistant, hoping to spend my gap year here exploring inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) pathogenesis using intestinal organoids and single-cell RNA-sequencing. I am particularly passionate about the pro-inflammatory responses of intestinal epithelial cells in the gut. I learned my organoid techniques from Kim Cheam, now a Ph.D. student at Cambridge. Currently, I work closely with Rebecca and Hanna on the organoid single-cell project. I spend most of my time in the wet lab area on the first floor of the Morgan Building. I used to play football and dance in the college team, but I now spend most of my free time eating out with friends and making videos that I upload (hopefully) weekly to my channel.