Dr Petrova

5th March 2018

Veli's PhD was approved. Congratulations, Dr Petrova. We never had a doubt!

Farewell, Javi!

5th March 2018

Javier Gutierrez-Achury is graduating the Anderson Group to work on new, exciting things back in Colombia. We'll miss Javi's sharp mind, kind heart, and his incredible wit. Good luck, Javi!

Aleksejs presentation @ ECCO

20th February 2018

Alex gave a plenary presentation at ECCO describing our work on the genetics of anti-TNF response (in collaboration with the awesome "IBD pharmacogenomics team" at Exeter, led by Tariq Ahmad). He did a great job and we're all very proud of him. After Loukas' plenary presentation last year, the pressure is on for the hat-trick next year!

Veli visits Japan!

20th January 2018

In January 2018 Veli attended the 7th NIF Winter School in Advanced Immunology in Awaji Island, Japan. She was one of  50 young researchers  selected from different fields of immunology to present their work in front of a multi-disciplinary audience. The school covered topics from molecular immunology and cell transduction pathways to genome-wide association studies of immune traits. The program ended with a one-day symposium hosted by Osaka University ( http://ifrec-sign-winterschool.org/program.html )

Carla and Julie joining the team

8th January 2018

We want to warmly welcome Julie and Carla. Great times ahead for all of us and the team!!!