Omar wins Charles J. Epstein Trainee Award!

November 2021

After an excellent talk on splicing QTLs, Omar El Garwany was awarded the Charles J. Epstein Trainee Awards for Excellence in Human Genetics Research by the ASHG awards committee!
This is an excellent accomplishment so early in your PhD and well-earned! We're all delighted for you, Omar!

Five group members feature at ASHG 2021

September 2021

The Anderson group has a strong showing at #ASHG2021, be sure to check out the following talks and posters:
Nikos - Genetics effects on expression upon immune stimulation in iPSC-derived macrophages enhance the discovery of putative causal disease genes.
Monika - Interpreting Genome-Wide Association Studies through the lens of single-cell sequencing
Omar - Splicing QTLs in iPSC-derived macrophages improve our understanding of complex disease
Sigurgeir - Whole-exome sequencing of hundreds of microbiopsies reveals the somatic evolutionary landscape of psoriatic skin
Laura - Expanded genome-wide association study of IBD identifies novel loci and
implicates new genes in disease susceptibility

Qian at ECCO 2021

July 2021

One of our group’s latest results based on samples from UK IBD BioResource will be presented at #ECCO21. Qian Zhang will show the impact of phenotypic and genetic factors on Crohn’s disease (CD) evolution and introduce a reliable predictor of disease evolution.

Digestive Disease Week 2021

April 2021

Some of the latest results from our group's work as part of the International IBD Genetics Consortium will be presented at #DDW2021. Laura Fachal will present novel findings from expanded GWAS of IBD.  80 new risk loci found for IBD, effector genes identified from coding and non-coding susceptibility variants, with overlap with VEO-IBD genes. And work which Alex Sazonovs contributed to, WES of Crohn's disease patients, will be shared too.

Our Genomics Lite star

April 2021

As part of the Wellcome Genome Campus's public engagement efforts, Menna was invited to give a Genomics Lite lecture aimed at secondary schools. The talk was attended by over 100 students and teachers and is available on Youtube. For her exemplary contribution, Menna received a 'Stars for Science' award from the WGC!

Ewan reaches national news!

March 2021

The BBC were lucky enough to get the opportunity to interview our very own Ewan Harrison. Ewan has been on secondment to COG-UK as part of the Sanger’s contribution to the UK national SARS-CoV-2 genome sequencing consortium. Ewan's work has been crucial to the UK and worldwide efforts to track and control the pandemic. If you are interested, the entire interview can be found here.

Promotion for Laura!

March 2021

Laura Fachal, previously our senior data scientist, has been promoted to senior staff scientist! In her new role she will be drawing together research from across the team and elsewhere in an effort to develop the ultimate GWAS machine. We are thrilled to see her getting the recognition she deserves and hope to keep her as part of the team for many more years.

Martin's PhD defence is successful!

March 2021

Massive congratulations to Martin from everyone in Team Anderson! Thesis submitted, viva defended and we’re sure great things lie ahead for our latest soon-to-be graduated student.

Rebecca McIntyre promoted

February 2021

Our long-serving senior staff scientist has received a well-deserved promotion! Rebecca will be the first Principal Staff Scientist in the Sanger Human Genetics Programme. She will continue to influence the Anderson Lab's research directions and manage the group's experimental team, whilst also working more closely with Sanger Faculty and the Anderson Lab's extensive network of collaborators to generate large 'omics datasets that will drive IBD research forward.

Congratulations, Dr Bai!

January 2021

Following an excellent thesis and successful viva defence (with no corrections!), Ben is now Dr Bai! We are all very proud and wish him the best going forward.