Genomics of Inflammation and Immunity

We use high-throughput genetic, genomic and multi-omic screens, plus immunological assays, to identify drug targets and deliver personalised medicine for patients with immune-mediated disease, with a particular focus on inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD).

What we are doing


We perform large scale sequencing of human genomes to identify genetic variants influencing immune-mediated diseases (e.g. IBD and PSC) and immune responses in health (e.g. following vaccination).


We undertake single-cell sequencing of blood samples and gut biopsies in health and disease, and couple this with our DNA sequence data, to identify genetic variants that affect gene-expression in all cell-types of these disease relevant tissues.


In our wet lab we perform high-throughput screens (e.g. CRISPR screens) and cellular assays to understand the biological mechanisms via which disease-associated variants mitigate risk and affect drug response.