Social events

Aside from all the science we do in the Anderson lab, we're also quite a social bunch! We are a large group of diverse and interesting group members with a wide range of shared interests from baking to board games to football.

Here's a sample from some of the ones where we remembered to grab photos!

          Who knows what will be next!

Jan 2024 - Team meal (+ a few alumni) @ Luk Thai

Dec 2023 - Christmas dinner!

Nov 2023 - Lab past & present reunited at ASHG23

September 2023 - Team meal, plus an EBI imposter!

July 2023 - Supporting Marcus in the town bumps!

      July 2023 - Sanger BBQ in the sun

April 2023 - Syrian food in Cambridge

April 2023 - Team picnic despite patchy weather

January 2023 - Kickboxing with the fantastic Bruno!

December 2022 - Christmas dinner at the Old Spring

October 2022 - Outing to see Cambridge United

October 2022 - Team punt down the river Cam

September 2022 - First team retreat in 2 years

July 2022 - Team meal in Cambridge

Feb 2022 - Delayed (and virtual) secret santa

December 2021 - Great British Bake Off bake-along

November 2021 - Away day at Madingley Hall

November 2021 - Students go bowling

Oct 2021 -  Board games and grub at the pub

October 2021 - Sheffield Wednesday at Cambridge

August 2021 - Outdoor drinks by the river