Lucia Ramirez Navarro (Mexico)

Born and raised in the sunny and pretty Mexico! For my undergrad, I studied genomics at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) where my interest in bioinformatics started to grow. To gain research experience, I joined Dr. Alejandra Medina’s lab where I characterised ePromoters the are a particular set of promoters that also have enhancer activity. Similarly, I also looked at how genetic variation can impact their function and be associated to diseases. Here, I also started to became interested in the immune system and how it’s dysregulation contributes to disease. To continue on my research journey, I moved across the pond to do an MPhil at the University of Cambridge where I worked with Dr. Gosia Trynka at the Sanger Institute to look at sex differences during CD4+ T cell activation using single cell data. Now, I’m starting my PhD with the Anderson Lab where I will be using single cell data to study the immune landscape of IBD patients across tissues and also, to predict drug response. Outside of the lab, I enjoyed dancing, going to the gym and cooking/baking.