Tejas Shah

Tejas was the first ever person to join the group and the longest member to date (apart from Carl himself). He was employed as a computational biologist. Inventive and enthusiastic, with a strong mathematical background and an interest in methods and problem solving, he left the group in 2016 to focus on his start up, synced.to. We’ve only just tidied up the desk!

Jimmy Liu

Jimmy was the first PhD student to join the group. Jimmy loves a GWAS, and published three such studies in Nature Genetics that together identified >50 new loci for immune mediated diseases. Unfortunately for our 5-a-side football team at the time, he was much better at mapping genes than stopping goals! Jimmy now works as a statistical geneticist at GSK where he helps them use genetics to identify new drug targets.

Eva Gonçalves Serra

Eva joined the group as a PhD student to work on very early onset IBD and congenital hypothyroidism. Lab meetings instantly became more entertaining and engaging as a result. She completed her PhD in 2016 and is now working at Congenica.

Javier Gutierrez-Achury

Javi is originally from Colombia (specifically from Neiva - Huila) and is a mixed-up between Medicine and Human Genetics. He joined the group as a postdoc after he completed his PhD in The Netherlands. 
Javi decided to go back home (probably looking for a better weather) and now is working to make the world better for other people. :)

Dan Rice

Dan was a Senior Software Developer who developed our database for patient phenotype data. He also developed many of the pipelines that are routinely used within the group. Dan is now a Javascript developer at EBI, working in the Protein Function Development team led by Maria-Jesus Martin

Julie Matte

Julie joined the lab as an Advanced Research Assistant to undertake some functional follow-up experiments of IBD GWAS hits using CRISPR in macrophages. After two years in the team Julie left the team to join the PhD programme at Sanger. We are still hoping she may one day return to the group!

Velislava Petrova

Veli was a PhD student in the group using sequencing to survey VD(J) responses to measles infection and vaccination. Veli also did a short postdoc in the team and spent some time seconded to the WHO. Veli now works for the World Bank in Geneva.

Jamie Floyd

Jamie was the first postdoc to join the group, way back in 2009. He led the WTCCC3 PBC GWAS study that identified 12 new risk loci. Jamie left the group not long after Carl spoilt what could have been his greatest sporting achievement by dropping a catch off Jamie’s pedestrian bowling while they were both representing Sanger in a game of cricket. Jamie now works for Genomics plc, in Oxford, using genetics to identify drug targets for complex diseases.

Sun-Gou Ji

Sun-Gou joined the group in 2011 to work on genetic studies of inflammatory bowel disease, primary sclerosing cholangitis and primary biliary cirrhosis for his PhD. He also had a great positive influence on the collective fitness of the group, since he made most of us join him at gym sessions. After stiny at Seven Bridges Genomics in Boston, Sun-Gou is now head of statistical genetics at BridgeBio.

Diaz Soria

Carmen was a joint PhD student with our group and Paul Kellam’s, looking at the consequences of variation in the IFITM locus in infectious disease. Carmen not only managed to complete her PhD within the four timeframe but she also gave birth to her beautiful daughter Alma. Carmen is now a postdoctoral fellow with Matt Berriman working on parasite genomics.

Loukas Moutsians

Loukas joined the lab as a postdoc having done his PhD and a postdoc at the University of Oxford, with Gil McVean and Mark McCarthy, respectively. He led several of our IBD GWAS/WGS studies. He was promoted to a senior staff scientist and was a key part of the team (both academically and socially). He is now Head of Bioinformatics Research Services at Genomics England and a Senior Lecturer at QMUL

Olivia Edwards

Olivia came to us for summer placement following the completion of her second year Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge, with an interest to specialise in genetics. We were all massively impressed with what Olivia was able to achieve during this short time - CRISPR in primary human T cells. We're delighted that Olivia is now undertaking her PhD at the Sanger Institute.

Carla Jones-Bell

Carla joined the group on a Janet Thornton Fellowship. Carla is an immunologist who took time away from science to raise a family and then spent time as secondary school teacher. The JTF allowed her to return to scientific research and she worked on a genome-wide CRISPR screening experiments in primary T-cells. She is now a senior staff scientist in the Trynka Lab at Sanger.

Martin Kelemen

Martin was a former PhD student joint between this group and Chris Wallace's. The focus of his PhD was the use of polygenic risk scores and modelling non-linear genetic effects. Martin now works as a statistical geneticist at the University of Cambridge.