Bradley Harris (United Kingdom)

I grew up in Coventry, and have always been interested in both genetics and the development of gastrointestinal diseases.  To pursue this, in 2015, I undertook an integrated Master’s degree in Genetics at the University of Manchester. Because of my continued interest in genetic risk, in 2019 I then embarked on a PhD in the Colon Cancer Genetics Group, University of Edinburgh, where I used bioinformatic, organoid and mouse models to characterise how a single colorectal cancer risk locus predisposes to this disease. During this time, I developed an infactuation with the identification and characterisation of expression quantitative trait loci at a bulk and single cell resolution, along with a strong passion for computational biology and all things ‘omic. Naturally, I then became fascinated with the incredible work in this field by the Anderson lab, which I joined as a Postdoctoral Fellow in 2023.
Outside of science, I enjoy watching and playing football, cycling, techno music and evenings at the pub!

For more information, follow me on twitter (@Bradleyomics)!