Cristina Cotobal Martin (Spain)

I am originally from Salamanca in the Middle West part of Spain where I received my degree of Biological Sciences. I obtained my PhD in Genetics and Microbiology at the University of Salamanca studying the DNA replication and genome instability in Schizosaccharomyces pombe. After receiving my PhD, I moved to the University of Cambridge to study transcriptional and post transcriptional regulation processes in fission yeast. Then, I decided to jump into Industry working for HelixNaNo Ltd, a small biotech start-up in collaboration with Jassen Pharmaceuticals in Beerse, Belgium, working to develop nano sensors to improve gene-editing technologies. I went back to UK, joining Prof. Bahler group at University College London to study the role of non-coding RNAs on genomic regulation and complex interactions between genotypes, phenotypes and environment employing ample variety of genome-wide approaches. In early 2020, I moved to The Francis Crick Institute as Senior Laboratory Research Scientist to join the Cancer Genomics Laboratory the Van Loo Group.  I was involved in studying intra tumour heterogeneity and tumour evolution using WGS, and single cell sequencing approaches. I have joined the Anderson Group to apply high-throughput genetic and genomics techniques as single cell sequencing to understand the biological mechanisms affecting immune-mediated diseases such as IBD.