Harriet Banks (United Kingdom)

I was born and raised in North Wales, although you probably wouldn’t guess from my accent! For my studies I undertook an integrated Masters degree at the University of Warwick studying Biomedical Science, where my keen interest in immunology ultimately led me to Cambridge. Here, I worked at MedImmune (now AstraZeneca) for my Masters project investigating an interleukin-1 family anti-inflammatory cytokine; followed by a further year designing and executing cellularassays to support pipeline projects. I started in the Anderson lab as a PhD student in early 2020, where I will be undertaking research to unveil the genes involved in the interaction between CD4+ T cells and antigen-presenting cells across different cytokine environments. Outside of the lab, I enjoy exercising, honing my art skills through painting and sketching, and a good bit of warm weather!