Joe McWilliam (United Kingdom)

I’m from Manchester in the north-west of England, and completed an integrated Master’s degree in Pharmacology at the University of Leeds. During this degree I undertook a research placement at GlaxoSmithKline Stevenage, where I worked to generate and characterise hiPSC-derived macrophages. Continuing this theme, after my degree, I moved to Cambridge to work at the Sanger as an advanced research assistant in Andrew Bassett’s Gene Editing and Cellular R&D team. Here I worked on OTAR2065 to produce pools of hiPSC-derived microglia from >200 donors before conducting 10X scRNA-seq and phenotypic assays to permit eQTL and phenotypic-QTL analysis. Despite my completely wet-lab background, I am eager to build skills and confidence in bioinformatics. Outside of the lab I enjoy ice skating, watching and playing ice hockey (poorly), reading, hiking and cooking!