Monika Krzak (Poland)

Over the past few years, I have been working on statistical data modelling, ranging from clinical and agronomy data to high-throughput genomics. My full-time research experience started at the French National Institute for Agricultural Research in Paris, after completing a Joint Master Degree in Applied Mathematics. In the Unit of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, I worked on the new stochastic algorithm for predicting floral transition in plants. After that, I joined the Marie Curie INCIPIT Ph.D. program launched by the National Research Council of Italy, where I started my main research experience with omics. My Ph.D. project at the Institute of Applied Mathematics was mainly focused on statistical analysis, development of new algorithms and accessing the performance of existing tools for single-cell data analysis. Currently, I hold a Ph.D. in Life and Biomaterial Science and work as a Postdoctoral Fellow within the Genomics of Inflammation and Immunity group at the Wellcome Sanger Institute. The main role of the collaboration project that I am involved in is to study immune system diseases, such as IBD, with the use of genomics at single-cell resolution.