Rofaida Desoki (Egypt)

I received my medicine degree with distinction from Alexandria University, Egypt in 2015. Early in my career, I had a strong passion for medical genetics, thus, I joined the Genetics Department at Alexandria Faculty of Medicine as a clinician and Teaching Assistant.
In 2019, I was offered to do an MPhil in Genomic Medicine at the University of Cambridge. My MPhil research computational project involved analysing the 100K Genomes Project dataset to explore further associations of aggregated germline variants in selected cancer-predisposing genes and pathways.
In 2021, I commenced a Clinical Research Fellowship in Gastroenterology, with high focus on the genetics of Inflammatory Bowel Disease utilising the UK IBD-BioResource database. The collaboration between the CUH Gastroenterology, Sanger Institute and UKIBDGC gave me the opportunity to be a member of Anderson team and to examine the IBD genetics further. Outside scientific life, I like to cook, play chess, enjoy cycling, shopping and travelling.